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Don’t miss our monthly Homeschool Workshops. Each month Imagination Station has two workshops: one for students in kindergarten through grade three and another for students in grades four through eight. 

Both workshops feature a series of nine 90-minute hands-on classes that are designed around three themes. This school year, examine the backstory of science fiction—in alignment with our new Unofficial Galaxies exhibit—dive into anatomy and explore the maker movement. Each of our workshops features a new topic to discover paired with an interactive, standard-based curriculum and an unforgettable Imagination Station experience. 

K-3 Workshops: Workshops run on select Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings, please choose one. 

4-8 Workshops: Workshops run on select Tuesday mornings.

Workshop Pricing

Members: $135 for the series of nine classes

Non-Members: $150 for the series of nine classes

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The Science in Science-Fiction


Grades K-3: Fact vs. Fiction
September 24 - 1:30-3pm
September 25 - 10:30-noon
Science fiction is a great way to spark innovation and to think about science in a new way. Let’s use some imaginative stories and engaging experiments to identify the realistic versus the fictional. Sci-fi can also show us how science can change the world…it’s a fact!

Grades 4-8: Sci-Fi Flix: From Idea to Premier
September 24 - 10:30am-noon
Engage with science critically and creatively by exploring how sci-fi films are made. Crafting characters, storyboards, and sets provides opportunities to develop strange worlds, futuristic concepts, and deep themes. Get those creative juices flowing, then we can get the cameras rolling.


Grades K-3: Spaceship and Rocket Design
October 15 - 1:30-3pm
October 16 - 10:30-noon
Blast off! Which sci-fi space movie doesn’t include a cool spaceship? Become a rocket scientist to build, test and make your rocket and spacecraft amazing. Let the countdown begin!

Grades 4-8: Trusting Your Eyes and Ears
October 15 - 10:30-noon
A good sci-fi film will use special effects to tell a compelling story. Learn how techniques and technologies can create illusions or enhance sensory elements in a movie. Did you really see that? What was that sound? Come and explore if you can always trust your senses.


Grades K-3: A Galaxy Far, Far Away
November 12 - 1:30-3pm
November 13 - 10:30-noon
Expand your understanding of astronomy by traveling beyond our own galactic neighborhood. Galaxies, nebulas and supernovae are waiting to be explored! A visit to our StarLab will highlight your journey into our immense universe.

Grades 4-8: Androids & Droids 
November 12 - 10:30-noon
Robots and automatons play a big role in many sci-fi movies. How can robots help us solve problems? Explore the world of robotics while becoming a real robot designer and programmer.

Amazing Anatomy 


Grades K-3: Our Bodies: Pumping and Breathing
December 10 - 1:30-3pm
December 11 - 10:30-noon
Learn more about how your body works and functions, from the inside out! First up…exploring inside your chest. How do the heart and lungs help your body thrive? Uncover the inner workings of the circulatory and respiratory systems and how they work together in your chest and beyond.

Grades 4-8: Underwater Animals: Invertebrates
December 10 - 10:30-noon
You may know about insects and spiders, but did you know that there are aquatic invertebrates? Explore the alien world of invertebrates who live in water. From ponds nearby to distant seas, let’s get to know their anatomy and how they are vital to water habitats. Special dissection lab included!


Grades K-3: Our Bodies: Support and Movement
January 14 - 1:30-3pm
January 15 - 10:30-noon
Continue your journey into the intricate world of the human body. From the sturdy foundation of bones to the strength of your muscles, you are able to run, jump and play. Come flex your muscles, stand tall and learn about what makes bones and muscles spectacular.

Grades 4-8: Underwater Animals: Vertebrates 
January 14 - 10:30-noon
What makes a fish a fish? By identifying characteristics of vertebrate groups, you will make connections about what the groups have in common and what distinguishes them from each other. The vertebrates of the sea have unique characteristics…and you will get to see and touch them through a bony dissection lab.


Grades K-3: Our Bodies: Thinking and Sensing 
February 11 - 1:30-3pm
February 12 - 10:30-noon
The brain is involved in everything you do. Learn about the basic parts and functions of the nervous system. Whether you are discerning the flavor of a jelly bean, remembering a joke, or riding a bike….information is relayed through this system. See how it all works and how you think!

Grades 4-8: Underwater Animals: Amphibians 
February 11 - 10:30-noon
Hop your way into this workshop to meet some amphibious friends! Dissect a frog to investigate the many adaptations that make them so unique. Discover what a healthy ecosystem looks like for our little slippery, slimy friends. Learn about the life that shares our ecosystem and the ways in which we can all help to protect our amphibians.

Makers on the Maumee


Grades K-3: Woodworking
March 11 - 1:30-3pm
March 12 - 10:30-noon
Become a maker and build a small wood craft project. Learn safety rules and woodworking skills while fostering creative problem-solving. Let’s spark scientific inquiry from a simple piece of wood.

Grades 4-8: 3D Printing
March 11 - 10:30-noon
Whether you’re an artist, inventor, or simply just curious and creative, this hands-on class is designed to teach you all about 3D design! Students will learn how to digitally create their own ideas by using easy-to-operate 3D software and design their very own 3D object.


Grades K-3: Cool Crafts and Cuts
April 8 - 1:30-3pm
April 9 - 10:30-noon
Sticker-making and paper crafts aren’t just for professional artists. Experiment with electronic cutting machines to see how versatile this technology can be. Master this maker-minded activity when you design, print and cut. 

Grades 4-8: Ultimate Creating and Cutting
April 8 - 10:30-noon
Explore STEAM concepts through popular precision cutting machines. Be equipped with the tools and knowledge to think strategically and innovatively while taking ideas through the design thinking process. See firsthand how easy and fun it is to make with cutting technology.


Grades K-3: If You Build It...
May 6 - 1:30-3pm
May 7 - 10:30-noon
Maker kids love Rigamajig! This large-scale building kit enables experimentation and creation through hands-on play. Use your imagination and engineering skills in a collaborative, open-ended creation process. Unexpected outcomes are expected…just build it!

Grades 4-8: Soldering: From Circuits to Sculptures
May 6 - 10:30-noon
Makers are empowered to invent. Learning the basics of soldering gives you the tools to create within the areas of electronics, metalwork, aerospace and stained glass. With just a few parts and a soldering iron, you will be designing and building in no time.

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Cancellation Policy

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