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Don't Just Make...CREATE!

Anytime. Anywhere.

Do you like getting creative? Working with your hands? Making something unique that's all your own? If you answered yes, this is the experience for you!

Just Tinkering is just like the tinkering workshops at the science center, but with a twist - you can do all of these activities at home! We give you a list of everything you need, step-by-step instruction videos with our amazing Team and unique topics that are perfect for tinkerers of all ages!

Everything you'll need can be found on Amazon! Your purchase through Amazon Smile helps support the science center's mission to serve our community by providing informal science education and fun in order to spark a passion for the sciences by combining interactive exhibits and educational programming.

(Remember to make sure Toledo's Science Center is your charity of choice!)

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Plastic grocery bags, we all have them. Instead of throwing them out let's turn them into something cool, useful and precious. Let’s make a Trashformation! Design your own plastic fabric by melting plastic bags together with a common household iron. Once you’ve forged your new fabric you can use sewing machines, hot glue guns and other tools to make your creation truly remarkable.
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Woodblock Automata
Explore simple mechanical elements like levers, cams and linkages in a playful way.
This activity is easy to start but becomes more complex as you become familiar with possible motions and imagine ways to decorate your contraption, in a unique personalized way.

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Toothbrush Bots

Design a creature to bring to life! Learn how to use a motor to get your creature moving, then teach your critter to dance, slide, and shake in a way that’s all its own.

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Squishy Circuits!

Become an electrician and the inventor as you experiment with dough - it's up to you how you want to make your dough models light up!!

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Create Your Own Electronic Greeting Card!

Build a circuit with simple materials and use your creativity to design your very own light-up greeting card!