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Don't Just Make...CREATE!

Anytime. Anywhere.

Do you like getting creative? Working with your hands? Making something unique that's all your own? If you answered yes, this is the experience for you!

Just Tinkering is just like the tinkering workshops at the science center, but with a twist - you can do all of these activities at home! Grab a kit during your next visit to the science center, access step-by-step instruction videos with our amazing Team and tackle unique and fun topics that are perfect for tinkerers of all ages!

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Boats and Buoyancy

It’s time for you to put your research skills to work and
figure out if an object will sink or float in water. Use your science observation skills to guess (predict) whether an item will sink or float. Use your prediction and then experiment with different materials to answer your questions. Think outside of the box, make changes and try again!


Plastic grocery bags, we all have them. Instead of throwing them out let's turn them into something cool, useful and precious. Let’s make a Trashformation! Design your own plastic fabric by melting plastic bags together with a common household iron. Once you’ve forged your new fabric you can use sewing machines, hot glue guns and other tools to make your creation truly remarkable.
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What's that sound?

Make whimsical music that will enhance all of your backyard experiences this spring and summer!

Windchimes are a great way to explore sound! Use different materials and objects that are of different sizes and shapes and discover how each makes a different sound.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different chimes. When you're done, let the wind do the work and enjoy!

Painting with Light

Light painting gives photographers the ability to create unique effects that aren’t possible at certain shutter speeds. This design challenge, experiments with light and movement by exploring how moving a light source while taking a long exposure photo can create striking images and illusions.

Use your imagination and see what you can create!

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Singing Straws

From the soulful sounds of an R&B singer to the roar of thunder, all sounds are produced by vibrations that travel through the air and to your ears. Dive into the science of sound with your own musical instrument! You’ll be a virtuoso before you know it!

Electronic Greeting Cards

Build a circuit with simple materials and use your creativity to design your very own light-up greeting card!

World Records

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS are astounding, mesmerizing and all based in science! But you don’t have to be a scientist or professional athlete to be the best. Anyone, anywhere can be a record breaker.

Let’s give it a shot - go ahead, be amazing!

Balance & Stability

Can you create an object or structure that balances? Move the location of the center of mass around and see how it affects the objects stability. Try different arrangements. Things that are balanced stably don’t have to “look” balanced.

What can you create?!

Toothbrush Bots

Design a creature to bring to life! Learn how to use a motor to get your creature moving, then teach your critter to dance, slide, and shake in a way that’s all its own.

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Tom-Tom Drums

Drumroll, please...

We're making our own drums to celebrate music this month!

Using simple materials anyone can become a master musician - or at least pretend to be one. Making your own instrument is not only fun, but it has its learning benefits, too! From rhythm and coordination, fine and gross motor development to promoting creativeness and self-expression.

Woodblock Automata

Explore simple mechanical elements like levers, cams and linkages in a playful way.
This activity is easy to start but becomes more complex as you become familiar with possible motions and imagine ways to decorate your contraption, in a unique personalized way.

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Flip Books

Make your own cartoon using the same principles as the professionals with Flipbooks!

Flip books are animation in its simplest form. Each image advances the scene from the previous page and when you flip through them rapidly, your story becomes animated. Use your imagination and creativity to tell your own story and learn more about what causes the drawings to look seamless, creating the illusion of movement.


Spin, whirl and twirl with tops!

Using different materials, design your very own spinning top and in this fun tinkering workshop! Get creative and learn the science behind the motion.

Paper Airplanes

Airplanes are very heavy and yet, they can still fly through the air. Discover how weight, drag, thrust and lift work together with this design challenge! Start with a simple sheet of paper, explore some unusual designs and put your engineering skills to the test.

Cardboard Pinball

You will make a pinball machine, out of recycled materials, that can shoot a marble and send it zigzagging down an obstacle course. Learn about pivot points, levers, inclined planes and troubleshooting through redesign to overcome obstacles. This activity is a STEM-rich experience.

Squishy Circuits

Become an electrician and the inventor as you experiment with dough - it's up to you how you want to make your dough models light up!!

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