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Let Us Bring Hands-On Learning to You!

It's learning made easy! Imagination Station will come to you with all the materials needed for one hour of exciting hands-on learning. Chemistry, physics, earth and space science - you name it - we have a program that will engage all budding scientists!

Choose from these great topics:

Chemistry - Grades 3 – 8

Chemistry has never been so interesting! Students will discover substances with strange and surprising properties. They will explore the differences between chemical and physical changes while experimenting with film canister rockets, and at the end of the workshop, they will create endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Circuits - Grades 3,4,7

Students will experiment with electricity as they discover materials that are conductors and insulators. Then they will go a step further and explore simple, parallel and series circuits and see energy transform from one form to another right in front of their eyes.

Engineering Design Process - Grades 2 – 8

During this workshop, students will confront challenges as they design and build. Utilizing the engineering design process (Think It. Build It. Test It … Do It Again!), your class will think like engineers and see the creative and dynamic sides of this important field.

Fossils Rock! - Grades K-5
Let your students travel back in time using scientific inquiry to discover the world of dinosaurs. During this workshop, students will become paleontologists and dig for artifacts to learn how scientists study creatures that disappeared 65 million years ago.

Genetics - Grades K,3

Every living creature is made up of DNA! In this workshop, students will explore how genetics affect us. They will explore the resemblances between offspring and their parents, as well as dominant and recessive traits.

Marble Machines - Grades K – 8

Innovate and explore the creative, fun side of motion. Turn funnels, tubes, clothespins and dowel rods into a creative marble run as students change the motion of a marble through zigzags, twists, turns and loops.

Sounds of Science - Grades K - 2 

Experiment and investigate with vibrations and sound. Students will see and feel sound vibrations, hear loud versus soft volumes and pitch changes by creating some unconventional noisemakers.

Tricky Trajectory - Grades 6 – 8

Discover the forces of flight: lift, drag, thrust and weight. Students will design flying machines and explore direction, magnitude and different types of potential energy.

Owl Pellet Dissection - Grades K, 1, 3, 4, 5, 8

Be part of scientific research and have a hoot as your students learn about owls and their environments. This workshop gets hands-on with the food web. Identify bones and collect data to learn more about owl diets and digestion.

We provide:

    • Teacher curriculum guide
    • Pre-visit activity
    • Hands-on materials for 30 students
    • Post-visit extension activity
    • Content standards alignment for Ohio and Michigan

Book Your Workshop!

Cost: $400 for 2 of the same workshops, plus $.65/mile outside Lucas County.
OR $225 for an individual workshop, plus $.65/mile outside Lucas County.

To schedule a Workshop, call 419.244.2674 ext. 134.

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