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Homeschool Workshops - Alarming Circuits

Homeschool Workshops

September – May, 2018
First Wednesday of the month
10:30am  Noon
This monthly program, for students 7–12 years old, covers a variety of topics from motion to matter and all the fun, messy science in-between. Come ready to explore hands-on science and learn with other families.

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Marble Machines • September 6
Innovate and explore the creative, fun side of motion. Turn funnels, tubes, clothespins and dowel rods into a creative marble run as students change the motion of a marble through zigzags, twists, turns and loops.

Newton's Roller Coasters • October 4
Explore the physics behind these exciting thrill rides by experimenting with velocity, momentum, acceleration and speed. Students will learn about Newton's Three Laws of Motion and end the workshop by building their very own roller coasters. 

Tricky Trajectory November 1
Discover the forces of flight: lift, drag, thrust and weight.

Sounds of Science • December 6
Experiment and investigate with vibrations and sound by creating some unconventional noisemakers.

Alarming Circuits • January 3
Explore conductors and insulators by testing common materials and discover which materials allow electricity to flow easily.

Papertronics • February 7
Explore the flow of current by testing simple, parallel and series circuits.

Matter of Fact • March 7
Learn about the different states of matter while they watch experiments with liquid nitrogen.

Material Matter • April 4
Investigate the properties of matter. Students will experiment with mass and volume through substances like gold, wood, air and polystyrene.

Making Matter • May 2
Students will discover and explore solids and liquids first hand by melting ice, freezing water and observing phase changes in front of their eyes.

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Cancellation Policy

Workshop cancellations are non-refundable; however, registrations are transferable. We reserve the right to cancel workshops if minimum registration numbers are not met, and refunds would be issued or applied to another workshop. We can give a pass -- good for admission only -- but the workshop is non-refundable.