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Imagination Station's Teen Eclipse Science Team

March 15, 2024

by Eryn Dael, Education Coordinator, Imagination Station

Imagination Station has a team of middle and high school girls from the Toledo community participating in an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime, citizen science project for the total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024.

The team is learning to operate a telescope and camera to capture and upload live photos of the eclipse. They are meeting regularly to practice and prepare for the citizen science project. The group will have the opportunity to connect with a network of girls across the country collaborating on the same project.

A total solar eclipse provides a rare and unique opportunity to capture detailed images of the sun’s inner corona; these images can be compiled to help scientists learn more about the activity at the surface and within the atmosphere of the Sun. The telescopes the team is using can see black sunspots on the Sun’s surface and during the eclipse, they will be able to get footage of the solar flares surrounding the sun that protrude into space.

Imagination Station's Teen Eclipse Science Team is a small part of a massive project funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation which includes a large-screen film called Einstein’s Incredible Universe.

The film, produced by Cosmic Pictures, is an all-new 3D/2D film for giant screen theaters and planetariums designed to catalyze interest in space science and spark scientific curiosity in lifelong learners, especially young women. The film explores the great discoveries of Albert Einstein and features the continuing research of contemporary female astrophysicists who are putting his groundbreaking theories to the test. The photos that the Teen Eclipse Science Team takes of the eclipse could even contribute to the film.

Imagination Station is one of over 80 locations across the country that will be hosting a team to take part in this project — the Dynamic Eclipse Broadcast Initiative. The project has provided all of the equipment and training for 20 girl-serving organizations, creating a national network of solar observation teams. All of these groups will be using the same type of telescope and computer program so that all the data can be compiled for valuable research.

The Teen Eclipse Science Team will be sharing their science with the community on April 8 at the Imagination Station Solar Eclipse Viewing Party. 

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