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Protecting our Waterways

September 28, 2023

by Eryn Dael, Education Coordinator, Imagination Station

Have you ever wondered what life is like for the fish, mussels and insects in the Maumee River?

If so, this year we are offering a new workshop called "Protecting our Waterways" as a part of our efforts to promote environmental science. This workshop can be booked by classes on field trips or as an outreach program and it is geared towards student's pre-k to 3rd grade.

The workshop follows the journey of our friend Wally the Walleye down the Maumee River into Lake Erie. In the workshop, students explore why water is such a valuable resource and learn about ways we can reduce the impacts of water pollution.

Through the generous support of the Ohio EPA, we were able to purchase two EnviroScape watershed dioramas to use in this workshop and for other future programs. The dioramas give students a hands-on experience with water pollution by showing how water, land and roads all intersect on a scale model. The dioramas provide a fun and enlightening visual of the impacts of our everyday actions on our local watershed.

If you're ready to dive in, book a field trip or an outreach program and get ready for some fun!