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We're Changing the Way Your Class Experiences the Science Center!

Explore Imagination Station Exhibits Virtually!

Discover how the BOYO uses different kinds of energy to propel you in the air and learn about the science behind the uniquely disorienting Gravity Room. Utilizing exhibits in the science center, students will unlock the fascinating science behind exhibits related to the program topic with an Extreme Scientist as their guide.

What we provide:
  • 60-minute virtual program by an Extreme Scientist.
  • A virtual Q&A with the scientist.
  • Curriculum for one extension activity for a later date.

Each demonstration is designed to support both in-person and virtual instruction.

Kindergarten - Weather 

Your little scientists will tune in to see a cloud form right before their eyes! Our Extreme Scientists will inspire them by using liquid nitrogen to demonstrate how exciting weather can be.

Grade 1 - States of Matter        

Solids… liquids… gasses… plasmas! Matter makes up our entire universe. Understanding the different states of matter and how they change will give your students inspiration to pursue science even further.

Grade 2 - Forces and Motion

From gravity to friction, our world would be very different if we didn’t understand fundamental forces and their impact. Whether a student wants to be a rocket scientist or figure skater, it’s important to understand the science behind the way we move.

Grade 3 - Energy 

Everything requires energy, from music to lightning. This standard-driven demonstration will showcase how fundamental and exciting energy can be. You’ll be surprised at how heat, sound and electricity will grab a student’s attention.

Grade 4 - Fossils

Are your students fascinated by dinosaurs…who isn’t? Let them explore Imagination Station’s collection of fossils to inspire them to study the organisms of the past. Take a closer look at T-rex bones and gigantic footprints in a demonstration your students won’t forget.

Grade 5 - Forces and Motion

The world around us is full of motion, from gusts of winds to the blood moving through our bodies. In order for something to move, it requires force. Forces and motion are some of the most important things in our lives. Explore the relationships between forces, mass and speed and how each influences the way we move.

Currently, Imagination Station is reimagining our programming opportunities to keep students, teachers and Team members safe and healthy. We have many different virtual options to meet the needs of all classrooms. Find one that works for you here.

Learn how to utilize the science center as a science education resource, and check out all programming opportunities offered last school year!

Thank You to Our Educational Partners!