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Solar Eclipse and Sun Viewing Safety Tips

The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 was the first solar eclipse in the contiguous United States since 1979. Even though Northwest Ohio was treated to a partial solar eclipse and not a total solar eclipse, it was an amazing site to behold.

But hold on! In 2024, our region will be treated a total solar eclipse! Plans are already underway to make Imagination Station solar eclipse central! 

Eclipse or no, it is never safe to view the sun directly. There are precautions you can take, however, that will allow you to gaze safely on the solar disc in the sky.

A safe and very simple way to view the sun is by making a pinhole viewer. Here is a nice description of how to make one. The Stanford Solar Center also has some nice information on how to view the sunNASA has a terrific webpage that offers information on solar and lunar eclipses happening all around the world.