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Early Childhood Programs

Children are born scientists!  They have an innate interest in the world around them.  Imagination Station wants to develop this interest in our youngest visitors through special programs geared specifically for kids kindergarten age and younger.

Extreme Science Demonstration

Have you ever seen water defy gravity?  How about metal sparks?  Or a liquid that's -320 degrees?  Imagination Station's Extreme Science demonstrations explore fundamental science concepts with and exciting, extreme twist.

Field Trip Think Tank Workshops

Imagination Station Think Tank workshops give students a way to explore specific content that may be difficult to teach in the classroom.  Our 45-minute sessions offer structured, hands-on curriculum that will open minds and encourage learning during your field trip.  And best of all, they're FUN!

Dissect a cow's eye, create an electronic greeting card and get hands-on with the life cycle.  There's a science-stuffed topic for everyone!

Homeschool Workshops

Imagination Station is your resource to help bring science to life. Our monthly homeschool program is created for students in grades K - 8. Each virtual session will cover a variety of topics that will encourage exploration and discovery, with a little bit of messy science along the way.


Your students will be amazed once they've entered our portable planetarium. STARLAB® allows students to study the night sky without leaving school. They'll gain a new understanding of the stars in our galaxy and learn the stories that made some stars famous.

Science Festivals

Science Festivals give students the opportunity to be scientist with 12 hands-on activities.  Imagination Station comes to your school, day or night, to give students and parents a chance to explore science.

Thank You to Our Educational Partners!