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KeyBank Discovery Theater

Opening Summer 2020

The KeyBank Discovery Theater will be a premium, large-format venue that offers an immersive experience unlike any other that will entertain and delight audiences of all ages and for generations to come. 

The 8,200-square foot addition to the science center will redefine film engagement - attracting families, young adults, lifelong learners, school groups, travelers and businesses to downtown Toledo.

We are excited to support the continued revitalization of downtown Toledo and provide residents and visitors a venue for experience science exploration, high-quality entertainment and community engagement.

Access During Construction


The science center will remain open during construction, but there are some important changes for visitors. 

Programming Opportunities


The technology in the theater allows for unlimited opportunities for programming, feature films, presentations and special events.




There's a lot happening at the science center! Here are the details of our new addition to Imagination Station.


for Educators


The theater opens new horizons for learning! Explore how you can enhance your field trip experience and take your students on an adventure without leaving their seats.




Watch construction of the KeyBank Discovery Theater progress as it happens with our time-lapse camera!

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious minds want to know! Find the answers to some of your most pressing questions about the construction and operation of the KeyBank Discovery Theater.

Imagine the Possibilities

The KeyBank Discovery Theater has the capability to share incredible films like these from D3D Cinema:

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Imagination Station is open during construction!