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KeyBank Discovery Theater 

Construction is underway for our first-ever expansion of the science center - the KeyBank Discovery Theater!
This 8,200-square foot addition will redefine film engagement with a unique, immersive experience featuring:
  • an expansive, 58-foot wide, 4K screen
  • laser projection for superior image quality
  • the ability to display video and audio in nearly any format
Imagination Station's entrance is changing significantly. The former octagon entrance was removed and will be replaced with a modern entrance to the science center and the theater. The design was chosen with careful consideration of the surrounding architecture in an effort to blend seamlessly with the historical buildings and new construction in the area.

Construction Information

As soon as the theater's announcement was made in December 2018, work on the KeyBank Discovery Theater began. Local architecture firm, The Collaborative designed the theater and Toledo-based Lathrop is leading the construction. Imagination Station is committed to using local partners wherever possible. 

Imagination Station will maintain regular operating hours throughout construction, however a temporary entrance is being during construction for safety purposes. The KeyBank Discovery Theater will ready for its debut in the summer of 2020.

Time-lapse Camera

Watch construction of the KeyBank Discovery Theater as it happens with our time-lapse camera!

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Pedestrian Bridge Removal

The pedestrian bridge crossing Summit St. in front of the science center was removed to make room for the KeyBank Discovery Theater. Watch the clip below to see crews carefully dismantling the bridge.

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