Theater Open Today: 10:15 AM - 4:15 PM

Thank you to our celebrity waiters and guests for an unforgettable evening 

We had so much fun with everyone who joined us this year for Feed Imagination: Celebrity Wait Night. Thank you to our co-chairs, Gretchen DeBacker, Matt Killam and Kevin Mullan, for helping make the night a tremendous success. Your commitment and support toward the science center does not go unnoticed and we are grateful for your dedication.

Thank you, Zia's Italian Restaurant, for your exceptional hospitality, delectable cuisine and for hosting the event in your space. We would also like to extend a special acknowledgment to our sponsor, FiberFrame.

To all the dreamers, believers and supporters — you can still give a gift that will turn wonder and amazement into learning and entice all with experiences that ignite their curiosity about STEAM.

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Mike & Julie Beazley
Julie & Caroline Bearss
Kelli & Jason Daniels
Mary Brucker
Amy & Kerry Patrick Clark
Gretchen DeBacker
Matt Killam 
Rita Mansour
Joe Marck
Seth Metzger
Ray Micham
Kevin Mullan
Kim Sidwell
Nicole Susdorf

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