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Let's Make History Together!

Imagination Station is attempting to break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD title!

Oh, and we don't plan on just breaking the record - we're going to SHATTER it!

Start Collecting at Home!

In order to reach our goal, we'll need everyone to start collecting their glass bottles NOW!

On November 5 at 10am, bring them to Imagination Station - you don't even have to get out of your car. Using the front turnaround, pull in, pop your trunk and we'll do the rest. Remember, we only have 60 minutes so we have to move fast!

Volunteer November 5!

We can't do it without YOU! We're looking for extra volunteers to help us SHATTER a record. There are two shifts available - on in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sign up today and let's secure our spot in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD history books!

Sign up today!

The Record...

Most amount of glass bottles collected for recycling in one hour. Bottles ONLY - no glass jars!

WHEN: Saturday, November 5, 2022 | 10-11am

WHERE: Imagination Station, 1 Discovery Way, Toledo, OH 43604

The most glass bottles collected for recycling in one hour is 2,485 kilograms or 5,478 pounds. It was achieved by Alberto Rojo Blas and Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara (both Spain), in Guadalajara, Spain, on December 16, 2019.

This record was attempted to promote recycling - particularly glass - to ensure everybody plays their part in taking care of the planet.

Why this record?

Great question.

Imagination Station is proud to be part of the Glass City and with 2022 being the International Year of Glass, we wanted to set a glass-related record. The science center was recently awarded grants from the Ohio EPA and O-I Charities Foundation to support our new recycling and waste reduction initiative.  This record attempt captures what we want to do – help people understand:

  • The importance of litter reduction
  • Keep 2.5 tons of glass out of our landfills
  • Get the community involved - after all, we'll need all hands on deck to help us collect glass bottles.

All the glass collected will be recycled to make new glass bottles and jars or downcycled at Imagination Station to be turned into sand.  Fun Fact: Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality.

Imagination Station's GUINNESS WORLD RECORD attempt is

Mettler Toledo
RWS Recycling
United Rental
Republic Services

Thank you to all of the restaurants and patrons who helped collect glass bottles!

5 Pints Toledo Bar & Grille

Barr’s Public House

Basil Pizza & Wine Bar

Black Kite Coffee

Coopers Hawk

Doc Watson’s

ET’s Bar



Hilton Toledo

Mancy’s Italian Grill & Bottle Shop

Ottawa Tavern

Renaissance Hotel Toledo


Sylvania Country Club

The Chop House

The Village Idiot

Toledo Spirits