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The world is an amazing place, and the Family Explorers Club invites our littlest explorers (and their grown ups) to learn all about it with their families! This FREE program for families of children ages 3 - 5 encourages young scientists and their family lab assistants to explore and discover the world around them through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) programming designed to spark curiosity and ignite imaginations.

All workshops take place in the Little KIDSPACE Mini Explorers Clubhouse.

April - Weather


April 4 - 4-5pm

April 18 - 4-5pm


April 8 - 11am-noon

April 22 - 11am-noon

May - Predator vs. Prey

Let's explore food chains and how animals have adapted to survive.


May 9 - 4-5pm

May 23 - 4-5pm


May 13 - 11am-noon

May 27 - 11am-noon

June - Sticky Water

Experiment with how water interacts with a variety of substances.


June 6 - 4-5pm

June 20 - 4-5pm


June 10 - 11am-noon

June 24 - 11am-noon

July - Groovy UV

Discover how the Earth and Sun interact to create seasons, shadows and night and day. Plus, we'll learn how to stay safe from the sun's rays.


July 4 - 4-5pm

July 18 - 4-5pm


July 8 - 11am-noon

July 22 - 11am-noon

August - Making Observations

Put your science skills to the test and use your senses to explore forces, motion, chemistry and more!


August 8 - 4-5pm

August 22 - 4-5pm


August 12 - 11am-noon

August 26 - 11am-noon

Early Childhood Programming is made possible by a grant from PNC Grow Up Great, a grant from the Principle Donor Directed Pooled Fund of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation and a gift from the KeyBank National Association Trustee for the Nellie Bash Charities Trust Fund in partnership with Read for Literacy.