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Are You Ready to Explore Science?

Investigate, build, question and learn in an Imagination Station monthly Homeschool Workshop!

Each month will have two workshops: one for students in kindergarten through grade three and one for students in grades four through eight. The kindergarten through third grade workshops run from 10:30-noon, while the fourth through eighth grade workshops run from 1:30-3:00. Both series of nine 90-minute workshops are broken out into three topics.

Together we will examine forces and motion, careers in science and cycles in science. Each workshop features a new topic to explore–pairing a hands-on, standard-based curriculum with an unforgettable Imagination Station experience!

Man testing an experiment in a workshop

Man testing an experiment in a workshop

Workshop Pricing

Members: $14 per session | $115 for the series

Non-members*: $19 per session | $160 for the series

*Imagination Station Admission is NOT included with the workshop.

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Explore these amazing topics!

Forces and Motion

September 21

Marble Machines: Grades K-3


Explore how objects move and change direction while experimenting with engineering design as you create a machine that meets design parameters.

Marble Machines: Grades 4-8

1:30pm -3pm

Experiment with gravity, friction and acceleration as you utilize the engineering design process to complete a machine designed to transport a marble.

October 12

Magnetism: Grades K-3


Discover the marvelous world of magnets as you discover how they attract, repel and are used in real world applications.

Catapults: Grades 4-8


Potential and kinetic energy, inertia and momentum combine to propel an object across a distance. Can you design a device that will propel your load the farthest distance?

November 9

Jitter Critters: Grades K-3


Design a creature, then use a motor to get your creation moving. You will teach your critter to dance and doodle, slide and shake in a way that’s all its own as you learn about electricity, balanced and unbalanced forces, and iteration.

Balloon Cars: Grades 4-8

1:30pm -3pm

Experiment with Newton’s Three Laws of Motion as you work to create a vehicle that can move using only the power of air.

Careers in Science

December 14

Paleontology: Grades K-3


Paleontologists have a passion for prehistoric life. Discover how paleontologists learn about that life by using the fossil record. Then test out your own paleontology skills!

Engineering: Grades 4-8


Ever have a problem that needs to be solved? Engineers often come up with the solution. Learn about the myriad of opportunities in the engineering field, then become an aerospace engineer as you design a spacecraft prototype.

January 11

Chemistry: Grades K-3


Become a chemist and discover substances with strange and surprising properties while experimenting with physical and chemical changes as well as exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions.

Robotics: Grades 4-8


Discover the world of robotics as you learn about their functions and parts. Then practice programming a robot to complete a task!

February 8

Astronomy: Grades K-3


Explore the universe as you discover the tools and strategies astronomers use to make discoveries. Then get up close and personal with the stars and constellations we can see in our night sky.

Forensics: Grades 4-8


Solve a mystery as you learn about some of the tools and techniques used by crime scene investigators and other forensic scientists to uncover clues.

Cycles in Science

March 8

Water Cycle: Grades K-3


Discover the states of matter as you experiment with water in its solid, liquid and gaseous forms.

Water Cycle: Grades 4-8


Explore the many places that water exists on the planet and discover the role that energy plays in moving and transforming it.

April 12

Plant Life Cycles: Grades K-3


Every living thing has a life cycle–the different stages that it goes through as it grows and changes. In this workshop, you will explore the different life cycles of a variety of plants.

Rock Cycles: Grades 4-8


Observe the different types of rocks, then experiment with how rocks can change from one kind to another!

May 10

Animal Life Cycles: Grades K-3


Learn how animals grow and change. You will even get up close and personal with some animals that undergo a metamorphosis!

The Nitrogen Cycle: Grades 4-8


Nitrogen is an element that is essential for both living and nonliving parts of the environment. Discover how nitrogen is used and travels and see some amazing demonstrations!

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Cancellation Policy

Workshop cancellations are non-refundable; however, registrations are transferable. We reserve the right to cancel workshops if minimum registration numbers are not met, and refunds would be issued or applied to another workshop. We can give a pass, good for admission only, but the workshop is non-refundable.