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Are You Ready to Explore Science?

We are so excited to bring back our hands-on, in-person homeschool workshops for the 2021-2022 school year! Created for students in grades K-8, this program features NEW workshops that will encourage exploration and discovery.

Each session has been tailored to two groups: students ages 5-9 and ages 10-13. Both series of nine, 90-minute workshops are broken out into three topics that will keep young minds engaged, learning and having fun!

Man testing an experiment in a workshop

Man testing an experiment in a workshop

Workshop Pricing

Members: $14 per session

Non-members: $19 per session

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Explore these amazing topics!

Space - September 8

SOLD OUT: The Solar System: Ages 5-9


Take a trip through our space neighborhood and discover the planets, moons and other objects that orbit our Sun. Then take a closer look at the planet often called Earth’s twin--Venus!

Moon Madness: Ages 10-13

1:30pm -3pm

Discover why the Moon seems to change throughout the month and the different effects that the Moon and the Earth have on each other. Then fast forward to the future and see if you have the skills to survive as a researcher on the lunar surface.

Space - October 13

SOLD OUT: Stars and Comets: Ages 5-9


Explore how stars are formed and why some of them look different than others. See how constellations are formed and even create your own. Finally, discover how comets are different from stars.

Stellar Supernovae: Ages 10-13


Did you know that stars have life cycles as plants and animals do? During this workshop, you will discover the life cycle of stars through hands-on experimentation.

Space - November 10

SOLD OUT:  The Moon: Ages 5-9


Get up close and personal with Earth’s best friend--the Moon! Discover why it seems to change shape, why the surface looks the way it does and the tools you can use to observe the Moon from your own backyard!

Mission to Mars: Ages 10-13

1:30pm -3pm

Investigate Mars as you learn about the NASA missions that have researched the red planet. Then work together as a team to practice the skills necessary to control a Martian rover from mission control back on Earth.

Life Science - December 8 

SOLD OUT: Insect Investigations: Ages 5-9


Investigate the characteristics of what makes something a true bug. Observe live specimens, discover the life cycle of a butterfly and determine which critters and crawlers are actually insects.

Entomology: Ages 10-13


Dive deep into the field of entomology where you will learn the characteristics of insects, observe insects and their adaptations and discover the wide varieties of careers in this field.

Life Science - January 12

SOLD OUT: Amazing Adaptations: Ages 5-9


From camouflage to mimicry to behavior, discover the variety of ways that plants and animals have adapted to survive in their environments.

Cells and Genetics: Ages 10-13


Explore the differences between plant and animal cells, then dive deeper to discover how our genes and DNA help determine our traits.

Life Science - February 9th

SOLD OUT: Plants: Ages 5-9


Discover the amazing world of plants as we investigate their parts, dissect seeds, learn about their life cycles and so much more!

Paleontology: Ages 10-13


Paleontologists have a passion for prehistoric life. Discover how paleontologists learn about that life by using the fossil record. Then test out your own paleontology skills!

Coding - March 9

SOLD OUT! Scratch 101: Ages 5-9


Welcome to the world of coding using Scratch, a programming language developed by MIT. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of this coding language and create your own animation.

Introducing the micro:bit: Ages 10-13


Develop your coding skills as we use Microsoft MakeCode to program a sophisticated microcomputer, called micro:bit, that is only about the size of a credit card!

Coding - April 13

SOLD OUT: Video Game Design 1: Ages 5-9


Building on the skills we introduced in the March session (Scratch 101), we are going to code our very own simple video games that incorporate timers and keeping scores.

Musical micro:bits: Ages 10-13


Continuing to develop the coding skills introduced in the March session (Introducing the micro:bit), we will experiment with sound and even compose some music!

May 11

SOLD OUT: Video Game Design 2: Ages 5-9


Expanding upon the skills developed in March and April (Scratch 101 and Video Game Design 1), we will be designing and creating more complex multi-level video games.

Mastering the micro:bit: Ages 10-13


Building upon the skills developed in March and April (Introducing the micro:bit and Musical micro:bits), we will delve deeper into the sensors available on the micro:bit to create virtual pets.

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Cancellation Policy

Workshop cancellations are non-refundable; however, registrations are transferable. We reserve the right to cancel workshops if minimum registration numbers are not met, and refunds would be issued or applied to another workshop. We can give a pass, good for admission only, but the workshop is non-refundable.