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Build. Fiddle. Create.

Do you like working with you hands and finding out how things work?  Imagination Station has the program for you.  Tinkering workshops are designed to embrace your creativity using the engineering design process to create something that is all your own. With both virtual and in-person options, there is a workshop that will meet the needs and interests of all budding scientists.

NEW Virtual Tinkering Workshops

NEW! Bath Bombs

Ages: 9 years and older

Relax and let science blow you away with these bath bombs! Learn about the science of acids and bases, and how different ingredients affect the reaction as you craft your own fizzy bath soaks! You will receive all the ingredients and tools you need to craft your own bubbly bath bombs, along with a 45 minute workshop with an Imagination Station Tinkerer via Zoom.

Program A Game on a Mini Computer!

Ages: 10 years and older

Has your young tinkerer ever wondered how the tiny computers in things like smartwatches work? Then they won't want to miss out on our virtual micro:bit computer coding workshop! 

In this virtual workshop, your tinkerer will discover how to program their very own micro:bit computer! From rock, paper, scissors to coding an electric 8 ball, your child will discover how to program several games into their very own micro:bit computer. 

The micro:bits workshop includes a micro:bit computer shipped to you and a 1 hour workshop with an Imagination Station Tinkerer via Zoom. 

Needed for this workshop is an internet enabled device with a USB port or adaptor (desktop computer or laptop) or a device with bluetooth capabilities and a downloaded app (tablet or phone). 

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