Theater Open Today: 10:15 AM - 4:15 PM

Eat Smart. Play Hard. Have Fun. The choice is yours!

Learn about how the nutritional and exercise choices you make affect your body. 

Welcome to Eat It Up! — a highly interactive exhibit focused on nutrition and exercise that tells the story of how the choices you make today affect your body and your health. Get your heart pumping as you take on the Wheel of Fire and the Heart Rate Rally and Smash Your Food to smithereens!


Food Smasher

Smash a burger, an ice cream sundae or a doughnut into an unrecognizable mess to discover how much sugar, salt and oil is inside. Even though some foods, like hamburgers and french fries, might be tasty and convenient, they’re also loaded with sugar, salt and oil. 

When you enter your age and gender, you can compare how much sugar, salt and oil you should eat to how much is in some of your favorite foods.

Heart Rate Rally

Ready, Set, Go! Race against your opponent and challenge yourself to keep up with an unpredictable light show that gets your whole body moving. 

Check your heart rate before and after the competition to see the difference in your resting and active heart rate. The Heart Rate Rally shows how fun exercise can be.

Life Style Camera

Have you ever wondered what you’ll look like when you get older? The choices you make today will affect your body as you age. The Lifestyle Camera will ask you a series of questions about your current diet, physical activity and lifestyle choices, and take your picture.

It will then help you see into your future by predicting how you might look as you age based on your current choices.

The Kitchen

It's easier to eat healthy foods when you have a pantry stocked with good choices. 

Explore The Kitchen by peeking in our refrigerator and cupboards to see which foods fuel a healthy lifestyle and get tips for filling your own cupboards.

Wheel of Fire

Step into the Wheel of Fire and begin walking. A digital readout inside the wheel gives instant feedback about how much your physical movement is making a difference. Pick up the pace to watch the flames build behind you. You'll see the faster you walk or run, the more energy you will burn and the higher the flames grow!