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Welcome to Energy Factory!

Energy Factory is all about the science of energy and different ways we can improve energy usage to keep our planet clean and healthy. Explore energy transfer, invisible and visible light and solar energy. Learn how energy from the sun can be used in many different ways, the different forms energy takes and how magnetic energy is used. 

Kids interacting with Energy Trasnfer

Energy Transfer

Energy is transferred between sources every day. Some of these exchanges happen right in front of us, but we often can’t see them. Learn about common, but often overlooked, energy transfers and some ways you can try them at home. Using the turntable, try to get one of the discs to stay upright for the longest. Or, see who can keep the lights on the longest.

Kids interacting with magnets


Magnets have a wide variety of uses - from radar equipment to roller coasters. Explore these different uses with something as simple as iron filings to Eddy currents. Use the unique properties of magnetic fields to build a bridge. For something more dynamic, try the Ring Launcher: using a few simple concepts, instantaneously launch a ring up a pole with one push of a button.