Theater Open Today: 10:15 AM - 4:15 PM

Welcome to Grow U, an exhibition that celebrates the world of agriculture and farming!

Test your farm and agricultural knowledge. Learn about different soil qualities. Explore how food grows from a seed to the vegetable on your plate as Grow U explores every aspect of food production.

FARM 101: Know It to Grow It

Do you know more than a farmer? You can find out as a contestant on FARM 101: Know it to Grow It! Sit down in the tractor seat and get ready to test your knowledge of soil , satellites and everything in between. Leading a clever cast of interactive characters is Tork, part man and part machine, and Mother Nature, an unpredictable embodiment of all that is earthy. See if you can achieve Master Farmer status in this fun and informative game that takes you from farm to table.

Spin Browser

The Spin Browser allows you to control the passage of time. With a simple motion, explore agriculture based events and actions that range from fractions of a second to an entire season.

Water Drainage

Why do some plants grow well in sand while others thrive in clay? Observe water drainage through different types of local soils. See how water passes through the pores in sand, silt and clay, and learn why those differences cause some plants to grow better than others.