Theater Open Today: 10:15 AM - 4:15 PM

Learn about the way your mind perceives the world in this space that is specifically designed to challenge your mind in fun and surprising ways. Defy gravity in the Distorted Gravity Room, boggle your mind with our optical illusions and distort perception in the Ames Room. You won’t believe what you see.

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Ames Room

Become a giant. Shrink your friends. Learn how angles and perspective can be used to create TV magic. In this room that uses skewed angles and proportions, you can watch people shrink or grow without the use of computer-generated special effects.

Gravity Room

Defy the laws of gravity. The Gravity Room is one of our most popular exhibits, combining perception and angles to create a uniquely disorienting and educational exhibit. The floor of this room is tilted 25 degrees, resulting in a physically challenging, but mentally stimulating, illusion.


The MZ TV gives you a break from optical illusions and allows you to make your very own light show. Using your body and some unique camera work, the MZ TV records your motions and plays them back to give you a unique visual experience you have to see to believe. Using time-lapse videography and a little visual work, even the tiniest of movements give off a huge burst of color.

Optical Illusions

Mind Zone is host to a variety of illusions. It has everything from spinning patterns to an invisible dog. That’s right, be sure to keep an eye out for Pepper, our ghostly (or so it seems) four-legged friend. Check out how scoreboards make moving pictures using only a few lights. See how we trick ourselves everyday with just a few optical clues. And if you’ve ever wondered how a bullet looks if you slowed it down, make sure you check out the clock tower located in the center of Mind Zone.