Theater Open Today: 10:15 AM - 4:15 PM

Explore the science of weather, including how we go from an ocean of water to a sky of rain. See just how much water you use everyday, and explore how to conserve and cut down on that amount. Ever wondered how a big steel boat floats on the water? Or how a cloud is formed? Water Works is the place for all the answers.

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Hurricane Chamber

Learn just how much force a hurricane packs. With our Hurricane Chamber, you can experience (safely) just how powerful these acts of nature are. The machine begins slowly with a light breeze, but you can quickly ramp it up to a Category 1 hurricane. Not enough? Find an Imagination Station team member, and tell them you’d like to see how high it can go. They’ll be happy to turn it up an extra notch.

Vortex Pool

Whirlpools are some of the coolest phenomena in nature.  Using a few simple tools, the Vortex Pool gives you the ability to make your own whirlpool. Use the colored balls to see how the currents act in a whirlpool, and don’t be afraid to fill it up. Have your friends help out by throwing in the balls as you use the bowling ball to increase or decrease the velocity.

Water Tables

Water is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and we use it almost every day. See just how powerful water can be by making scale models of own dams, waterways and pools using sand and plastic. This is one place where you’ll definitely get wet!