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Make sure to visit Science2GO!, Imagination Station’s gift shop, before you leave so you can take home a memory of Imagination Station. We’ve selected items that mirror the science being learned throughout the museum. Whether you choose Newton’s cradle, magnet sculptures, space rocks or one of Steve Spangler’s famous experiments, Science2GO! has hundreds of unique gifts and something for everyone.  Don’t forget about us during the holiday season – admission to Imagination Station is not necessary to shop at the store, so fulfilling your little scientist's wish list is as simple as a visit to Science2GO!

Featured Items




Pour the contents into a container and just add water! Instantly, you have realistic snow without getting your fingers cold. Each tube makes 1 quart of fake snow. You will be amazed!

Science-2-Go Explorer Helmets

Explorer Helmets

Does your child like to explore? With an Explorer Helmet that lights up, they can hunt for dinosaur fossils, rocks, bugs and more.



Bring a piece of the Dinosaurs Around the World exhibit home with you! Your imagination can make it run a speedy distance, hunt prey or stomp through the prehistoric world you create.

Ultimate Dino Dig

Dr. Cool Ultimate Dino Dig

Explore the wonders of the Age of Dinosaurs in your own excavation site. Use your inner paleontologist to uncover three dino specimens using the tools provided. Once you’ve found the pieces, build your own T-Rex dinosaur to keep the fun going!


TriceRatops Dinosaur DNA

This unique dino digging kit combines the hands-on fun of a dino geneticist and technology! Excavate a glow-in-the-dark dino skeleton, analyze its DNA and rebuild a life-sized dinosaur using augmented reality technology that can be shared with friends. 

Garbage to Garden Compost

Nancy B's Science Club Garbage to Gardens Compost Kit & Decomposition Book

Watch your trash transform into a beautiful garden right before your very eyes! This eco-cool composting kit includes two separate compartments with built-in magnifiers to see the amazing changes take place. Record your observations in the activity journal. 

Nature Keeper Diary

Nancy B's Science Club Nature Keeper & Tree Diary

Examine the beauty of everyday trees and flowers with this observation kit. Adopt a tree of your choice to observe over the year, and note changes in the diary. Document the animals that visit, estimate your tree’s age and make leaf art throughout the process! 

Live Ladybug Land

Insect Lore Live Ladybug Land

Redeem your special certificate to receive baby ladybugs that you can watch grow in this habitat! Watch your ladybugs develop as they progress through the stages of metamorphosis. A magnifying lid, watering pipette and instruction guide with activities are included to help you provide the best care for your little ladybugs.