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Redefining the Three Rs

June 15, 2021

Reduce, reuse, recycle three steps to guide us as we try to make more resource and environmentally conscious decisions. We’ve all heard that slogan, and probably associate it with the “chasing arrows” symbol that has become synonymous with recycling. Too often, we forget about reducing and reusing and jump right to recycling. However, when we wait until it’s time to get rid of something to consider an item’s environmental impact, we’ve waited too long. It’s more effective to think of the three Rs as a hierarchy, with recycling being the last step for items that we can’t help but bring into our home.

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Imagination Station and TPS Work Together to Enhance STEM Learning

May 18, 2021

While the last year has been challenging, it’s also offered an unexpected opportunity for Imagination Station and Toledo Public Schools to deepen their relationship thanks to a grant graciously awarded from the Ohio Collaborative for Educating Remotely and Transforming Schools.

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citizen science
Discovering Science in Your Neighborhood

April 20, 2021

Answer questions, gather data, be a part of science!

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