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STEM Professionals

Did you know?

STEM jobs are created three times faster than non-STEM jobs. The U.S. Department of Commerce predicts STEM jobs will grow at a rate of 17%, compared with 9.8% in other occupations.

Women are significantly underrepresented in the STEM fields. Despite making up 56% of the overall workforce, only 32% of STEM workers are women. Here at Imagination Station, we're on a mission to inspire STEM-strong girls and that starts at a young age. It's because of local female STEM professionals that we get closer to that dream every year through Girl Power.

In 2022, nine women from various careers and backgrounds shared their experiences and advice with young women in our community during Girl Power's panel discussion and keynote speeches. Dozens more manned activity tables that highlighted different, hands-on experiences related to different fields of work exposing hundreds of girls to the possibilities of STEM.

What is Girl Power?

Since 2014, we have hosted Girl Power at Imagination Station This program gives young women in our community the opportunity to meet and learn from women in the STEM fields. This event offers special activities prepared by STEM professionals and the opportunity to explore the science center.

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