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March 24, 2023

by Matt Schiebold, CEO, Cube Acoustics & Cellist, Toledo Symphony Orchestra

I have combined acoustic, technological and material science and it's changing the face of the classical music world. Cube Acoustics is "redefining sound" through advanced alloy and Nanocoatings technology for Cello, Bass and Contrabassoon giving musicians a greater range of expression.

When the endpin (adjustable rod at the bottom of a Cello used to support its weight and adjust its height) housing and cello tailgut were tested, volume, articulation and overtones were substantially improved over bell bronze, graphite, titanium, steel and stainless steel. Broadly speaking, we are integrating into the surface and super charging the acoustics of the materials.

Cube Acoustics has accessories in many places around the world - including the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. Three members of the cello section use our endpin, as well as, two substitute musicians. Additionally, these accessories are being played in the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Detroit Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, Alabama Symphony, Kansas City Symphony, Seattle Symphony and Cincinnati Symphony. It is international and our community is benefiting from this development.

We're not stopping at Cellos and Contrabassoons. Currently, the alloy technology is being prototyped in strings and the results are incredible. What we're doing now is just the beginning.

Visit Cube Acoustics website at to see music and science working together.