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Learning Made Easy with Imagination Station!

Whether you're in a socially distant classroom or virtual, we'll bring exciting, hands-on learning to you.

During each Virtual Workshop on Wheels program, one of our Extreme Scientists will video conference into your classroom for a science demonstration to get students actively engaged and then guide your class through the entire workshop. We are open to whatever technology services your school approves for the virtual interaction.

Choose from these great topics!

Kindergarten - The Science of Sound! 

Pluck…. Plink …. Pop! Sound is all around us and if you stop to listen carefully, it can teach budding scientists even more about the world around them. Our Extreme Scientists will get little ones thinking differently about sound through vibrant visuals and easy to understand examples of how sound works.  Through activities like creating their own musical instruments, students will learn how manipulating everyday materials can give them a drastically different outcome.

Grade 1 - Habitats 

All living organisms need a place to call home, but what’s good for one isn’t always good for another. In this workshop, our Extreme Scientists will explore the habitats of different creatures and showcase what each needs to survive, from cockroaches and humans to other animals and plants. Your students will also get up-close views of adaptations that animals and plants have to survive in their environment--even performing a seed dissection!

Grade 2 - Weather 

Discover the fascinating and often unpredictable world of meteorology! Understanding the weather is the best way to introduce your students to the wonderful world of science. Meteorology requires careful observation, pattern recognition, and the use of scientific tools making this program perfect for little scientists. Along with providing everything you’ll need for students to build an anemometer, our extreme scientists will create a cloud right before their (virtual) eyes.

Grade 3 - Genetics 

Why do children look like their parents? It’s all because of genetics! Let Imagination Station help students understand how it works by extracting the DNA from a strawberry to show the raw material that makes up all of our individual characteristics. Your students will compare if they can roll their tongues, bend their thumbs backward, eye color and many other phenotypes (visual genetic differences). They can even take the activity home and extend the experiment further by testing their family members.

Grade 4 - Papertronics 

Circuits make up our phones, computers and maybe even one day our clothes! Give your students a head start with the help of an Extreme Scientist.  Through step-by-step virtual demonstration, your class will learn how to complete a circuit before creating their own new circuit-based project: an electronic greeting card!  Whether it’s through beautiful art or a corny joke every personality will find joy in doing this science project.

Grade 5 - Owl Pellet Dissection 

Students will have a hoot learning about owls and their environments!  Discovering how different organisms interact with each other in the food web and its importance in our world is critical for our future scientists to understand. Then it’s time to get hands-on with an owl pellet dissection.  Identify bones and collect data to learn more about owl diets and digestion.

We provide:

  • Classroom kits with supplies for one workshop.
  • One topic for each grade level.
  • Live virtual conversation with an Imagination Station Extreme Scientist.
  • Short, engaging demonstration.
  • Content standards alignment for Ohio and Michigan.

Request a Program!

Cost: $150/classroom.

To schedule, call 419-244-2674 ext. 150

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